How to set up your availability provides the ability to set up an individual schedule for each Service.

In order to indicate on which days and at what hours you are ready to provide the service, go to the “Services” section in your personal account. If you want to set up a schedule for an already created service, click on the pencil

  • Click on subsection “Availability”
  • Mark the time slots corresponding to the working hours you are willing to dedicate to providing this service. Highlight the permanent schedule (recurring) in blue. For a one-time schedule mark the time slots in yellow 

  • Click "Save As" to save the created schedule under a specific name. You can always select this schedule (=shift) for other services as well, to save time for re-scheduling for each service

  • In the "Form fields" subsection, you have the opportunity to create a new field that will be reflected to the client when making a booking with you. For example, if you are an astrologer and you need to know the client's date and birth details in advance, you can create a field called “Exact date and time of birth”.

  • If there is no such need, then you can not make changes to this subsection. Click Save. A modal window will appear informing you that the service has been successfully updated. And with a proposal to tell your friends about this update on Facebook. Select the desired option or click on the cross in the upper right corner to close the message

*Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram - запрещены на территории РФ